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Welcome To Buncerlane Pharmacy

Buncerlane Pharmacy is a late night chemist and NHS community pharmacy on 6 Preston Old Rd in Blackburn, BB12 2SS focused on providing and free prescription delivery to Blackburn and Darwen areas. We also provide : Dispensing, Repeat dispensing, Promotion of healthy lifestyle, Signposting to other healthcare providers, Support for self-care, Travel vaccinations , Holiday healthcare advice, Free Blood Pessure Checks, Emergency hormonal contraception (otherwise known as the morning after pill or levonelle/ella one), Smoking cessation, Palliative care, Care home provider prescription serives, Blister pack / monitored dosage systems, Gluten free food supply and Malaria prophylaxis.

In addition we provide Erectile dysfunction, Period delay and Weight Management treatments and have over 8000 items available for purchase on our website with big discounts and better prices than supermarkets and other online pharmacies.

For NHS Prescription Customers we also provide the NHS New Medicines Service, Medicines review and prescription intervention and free prescription collection from the following surgeries: Witton Medical Centre, Darwen Healthlink, Umar Medical Centre, Darwen Healthcare, Shifa Surgery, Bentham Road Health Centre , Little Harwood Health Centre, St Georges Surgery, Brookhouse Medical Centre, Redlam Surgery, Audley Health Centre, Spring-Fenisco Healthlink, Limefield Surgery, Pringle Street Surgery, The Montague Practice, Ewood Medical Centre, Oakenhurst Medical Practice, The Cornerstone Practice, William Hopwood Street Surgery, Brownhill Surgery, Primrose Bank Medical Centre, The Waterside Practice Roman Road Health Centre, Roe Lee Surgery, The Family Practice.


Njoy Recharge Starter kit

Njoy Recharge Star..

The Njoy Recharge Starter kit is a great introduction to the world of ..

Price: £ 8.49*
Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing Original 1 Litre

Kevin Bacon's Hoof..

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Dressing is ideal for the inconsistant British clim..

Price: £ 12.90*
Pasante Gentle Light Lubricant 75ml

Pasante Gentle Lig..

Gentle Light 75ml Clear Lube for sensitive skin.

Price: £ 1.99*
RRP: £ 3.22
YOU SAVE £ 1.23
Wet Ones Sticky Fingers Wipes Pack of 12

Wet Ones Sticky Fi..

Wet Ones Sticky Fingers Wipes have been purposely formulated to be a q..

Price: £ 1.39*
RRP: £ 1.52
YOU SAVE £ 0.13
Vichy Dercos Oil Control Shampoo

Vichy Dercos Oil C..

Greasy/oily hair can be caused by over-active sebum production, which ..

Price: £ 6.79*
RRP: £ 7.30
YOU SAVE £ 0.51
Anhydrol Forte Roll On 60ml

Anhydrol Forte Rol..

Anhydrol Forte Roll On is a clear, colourless liquid that contains no..

Price: £ 3.59*
RRP: £ 4.01
YOU SAVE £ 0.42
Dylon Washing Machine Dye Pod Tropical Green 350g

Dylon Washing Mach..

From all colours bright & beautiful to rich & intense shades, ..

Price: £ 4.99*
Drapolene Cream 350g

Drapolene Cream 35..

Drapolene Cream helps prevent and treat nappy rash without blocking ..

Price: £ 5.75*
RRP: £ 6.62
YOU SAVE £ 0.87
Meritene Chicken Soup 4 x 50g

Meritene Chicken S..

Meritene soup is a mix with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. Di..

Price: £ 5.19*
RRP: £ 5.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.80
Clairol Root Touch Up Dark Blonde 7

Clairol Root Touch..

Extend the life of your hair colour. Root Touch-Up gives your hair col..

Price: £ 4.79*
Hibiscrub Hand Disinfectant Solution 500ml

Hibiscrub Hand Dis..

Hibiscrub is an antimicrobial preparation for pre-operative surgical..

Price: £ 7.55*
RRP: £ 9.19
YOU SAVE £ 1.64
Rennie Deflatine Tablets Pack of 18

Rennie Deflatine T..

What is it used for? Excess acid in the stomach (hyperacidity)Excess ..

Price: £ 2.79*
RRP: £ 3.73
YOU SAVE £ 0.94
Attends Feacal Pads F6 Pack of 40

Attends Feacal Pad..

The Attends Faecal pad is especially designed for cost effective prote..

Price: £ 6.19*
Polycal Neutral 200ml

Polycal Neutral 20..

Polycal Liquid is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for use under me..

Price: £ 2.09*
Vichy Dermablend Corrector Stick 14hr Sand (35)

Vichy Dermablend C..

New & improved Dermablend Corrector Stick - Same formula and excep..

Price: £ 11.99*
Opticare Arthro 5 Eye Drop Dispenser

Opticare Arthro 5 ..

Opticare Arthro 5 Eye Drop Dispenser is of particular help to tho..

Price: £ 6.99*
A&D Value Digital Electronic Blood Pressure Monitor UA631

A&D Value Digital ..

This A&D Blood Pressure Monitor measures systolic and diastolic ..

Price: £ 45.90*
RRP: £ 64.99
YOU SAVE £ 19.09
Aveeno Skin Relief Hand Cream 75ml

Aveeno Skin Relief..

Aveeno Skin Relief Restore & Protect Hand Cream is formulated with..

Price: £ 5.69*
RRP: £ 5.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.30
Patterson Wheeled Ultra Narrow Walking Frame

Patterson Wheeled ..

Made from lightweight anodised aluminium with easy to manoeuvre front ..

Price: £ 30.90*
RRP: £ 71.95
YOU SAVE £ 41.05
E45 Cream 125g

E45 Cream 125g

E45 cream has been clinically proven to treat and soothe dry, itching,..

Price: £ 3.79*
RRP: £ 4.49
YOU SAVE £ 0.70
Haliborange Kids Multivitamin & Omega 3 Softies Pack of 30

Haliborange Kids M..

The orange fruit shapes taste delicious and as well as being a balance..

Price: £ 3.19*
RRP: £ 6.00
YOU SAVE £ 2.81
Patterson Cygnet Female Urinal

Patterson Cygnet F..

A clear polypropylene moulded bottle with integral handle anatomically..

Price: £ 11.90*
RRP: £ 17.25
YOU SAVE £ 5.35
HealthAid Calcium 600mg Chewable Tablets Pack of 60

HealthAid Calcium ..


Price: £ 5.69*
RRP: £ 6.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.30
E45 Nourish & Restore Hand Cream 50ml

E45 Nourish & Rest..

E45 Nourish & Restore Hand Cream transforms hands for a softer loo..

Price: £ 3.69*
RRP: £ 3.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.30
Readigloves Cyraguard Premium Latex Gloves Medium Pack of 100

Readigloves Cyragu..

Latex Powder Free Gloves Cyraguard are latex examination gloves. Late..

Price: £ 4.79*
Patterson Padded Raised Toilet Seat 10cm/4''

Patterson Padded R..

A soft cushion that attaches to the existing toilet seat to provide ex..

Price: £ 21.90*
RRP: £ 26.95
YOU SAVE £ 5.05
Vype White eTips Dark Cherry Pack of 4

Vype White eTips D..

Each Vype eStick tip contains 12.5 mg (3.5% v/v) nicotine and delivers..

Price: £ 6.99*
Lamberts Pomegranate Fruit Concentrate 500ml

Lamberts Pomegrana..


Price: £ 11.99*
RRP: £ 17.25
YOU SAVE £ 5.26
Health Perception Glucosamine 500/400mg Tablets Pack of 60

Health Perception ..

Glucosamine is a naturally-occurring, non-toxic biochemical constituen..

Price: £ 14.99*
RRP: £ 23.99
YOU SAVE £ 9.00
Benylin Mucus Cough Night 150ml

Benylin Mucus Coug..

Benylin Mucus Cough Night is a medicine which is used to help provid..

Price: £ 4.49*
RRP: £ 6.54
YOU SAVE £ 2.05
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Pharmacy and Prescriptions : 01254 690496

Shopping : 0300 3033380*


6 Preston Old Road, Blackburn, Lancashire