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Welcome To Buncerlane Pharmacy

Buncerlane Pharmacy is a late night chemist and NHS community pharmacy on 6 Preston Old Rd in Blackburn, BB12 2SS focused on providing and free prescription delivery to Blackburn and Darwen areas. We also provide : Dispensing, Repeat dispensing, Promotion of healthy lifestyle, Signposting to other healthcare providers, Support for self-care, Travel vaccinations , Holiday healthcare advice, Free Blood Pessure Checks, Emergency hormonal contraception (otherwise known as the morning after pill or levonelle/ella one), Smoking cessation, Palliative care, Care home provider prescription serives, Blister pack / monitored dosage systems, Gluten free food supply and Malaria prophylaxis.

In addition we provide Erectile dysfunction, Period delay and Weight Management treatments and have over 8000 items available for purchase on our website with big discounts and better prices than supermarkets and other online pharmacies.

For NHS Prescription Customers we also provide the NHS New Medicines Service, Medicines review and prescription intervention and free prescription collection from the following surgeries: Witton Medical Centre, Darwen Healthlink, Umar Medical Centre, Darwen Healthcare, Shifa Surgery, Bentham Road Health Centre , Little Harwood Health Centre, St Georges Surgery, Brookhouse Medical Centre, Redlam Surgery, Audley Health Centre, Spring-Fenisco Healthlink, Limefield Surgery, Pringle Street Surgery, The Montague Practice, Ewood Medical Centre, Oakenhurst Medical Practice, The Cornerstone Practice, William Hopwood Street Surgery, Brownhill Surgery, Primrose Bank Medical Centre, The Waterside Practice Roman Road Health Centre, Roe Lee Surgery, The Family Practice.


Hydrocortisone Cream 15g

Hydrocortisone Cre..

Hydrocortisone Cream is used for the relief of mild inflammatory skin ..

Price: £ 1.85*
RRP: £ 2.29
YOU SAVE £ 0.44
Cetirizine Hydrochloride Tablets Pack of 30 x 3

Cetirizine Hydroch..

*** Please Note: Due to frequent fluctuations in availability and pric..

Price: £ 3.69*
Bell's Coconut Oil 90g

Bell's Coconut Oil..

Coconut oil is not only renowned for its culinary uses but is fast eme..

Price: £ 1.29*
RRP: £ 1.72
YOU SAVE £ 0.43
Lypsyl Lip Balm Strawberry & Pomegranate 4.7g

Lypsyl Lip Balm St..

Delicious Lypsyl Strawberry and Pomegranate protects and helps repair ..

Price: £ 1.19*
RRP: £ 1.89
YOU SAVE £ 0.70
K-lite Long Light Support Bandage 10cm x 5.25m

K-lite Long Light ..

K-Lite is a type 2 support bandage that can be used for the treatment ..

Price: £ 1.69*
Johnsons Baby First Touch All-In-One Wash 250ml

Johnsons Baby Firs..

Johnson's Baby First Touch All-In-One Wash 250ml has been especially d..

Price: £ 2.49*
Care Aqueous Calamine Cream 100g

Care Aqueous Calam..

Care Aqeous Calamine Cream is ideal for treating itchy skin conditions..

Price: £ 1.69*
RRP: £ 2.45
YOU SAVE £ 0.76
L'Oreal Men Expert Vita Lift 5 Moisturiser 50ml

L'Oreal Men Expert..

L'Oreal Men Expert Vitalift 5 Complete Revitalising Moisturiser is enr..

Price: £ 11.89*
RRP: £ 14.29
YOU SAVE £ 2.40
Move-Tec 2-KE (Twin Loading Dose Pack)

Move-Tec 2-KE (Twi..

For feeding to horses following strenuous exercise and for the veteran..

Price: £ 40.90*
Lil-Lets Super Plus Extra Tampons Pack of 14

Lil-Lets Super Plu..

- Great looking packs for your bathroom- Lil-lets are discreet to use ..

Price: £ 2.59*
Seven Seas Multibionta Vitality Tablets Pack of 28

Seven Seas Multibi..

Why Take Multibionta Vitality? Unlike ordinary multivitamins Multib..

Price: £ 4.75*
RRP: £ 6.77
YOU SAVE £ 2.02
Hedrin 4% Lotion 150ml

Hedrin 4% Lotion 1..

Hedrin’s efficacy is a result of its active ingredients, Dimetic..

Price: £ 7.59*
RRP: £ 12.19
YOU SAVE £ 4.60
Cyclax Vitamin E Face & Body Cream 300ml

Cyclax Vitamin E F..

A replenishing all over moisturiser, also ideal as under make up. This..

Price: £ 0.99*
RRP: £ 2.35
YOU SAVE £ 1.36
Dove Silk Glow Nourishing Body Wash 500ml

Dove Silk Glow Nou..

Wrap yourself in pure silk and enjoy a luxurious bath experience. Dov..

Price: £ 5.09*
Bionsen Deodorant Roll-On 50ml

Bionsen Deodorant ..

Bionsen Deodorant with Japanese Spa Minerals gently deodorises even th..

Price: £ 1.99*
RRP: £ 2.49
YOU SAVE £ 0.50
Brylcreem Gel Cream 150ml

Brylcreem Gel Crea..

Brylcreem Gel Cream is a smooth, lightweight product that gives a natu..

Price: £ 3.39*
RRP: £ 4.29
YOU SAVE £ 0.90
Nestle Optifibre 250g Tin

Nestle Optifibre 2..

Nestle OptiFibre is a powdered soluble dietary fibre that mixes easily..

Price: £ 14.19*
Pregnacare Conception His & Hers Tablets Pack of 60

Pregnacare Concept..

Pregnacare Conception vitamin and mineral supplements provide advanced..

Price: £ 11.89*
RRP: £ 18.33
YOU SAVE £ 6.44
Cidal Soap 125g

Cidal Soap 125g

Cidal Natural Antibacterial Soap is a zesty bar soap to effectively cl..

Price: £ 0.79*
RRP: £ 0.99
YOU SAVE £ 0.20
Sabella Glitter Gel Purple 100ml

Sabella Glitter Ge..

Sabella Glitter Spray is an elegant and eye-catching glitter for your ..

Price: £ 7.49*
Dylon Washing Machine Dye Emerald Green 350g

Dylon Washing Mach..

From all colours bright & beautiful to rich & intense shades, ..

Price: £ 3.99*
RRP: £ 6.84
YOU SAVE £ 2.85
Attends Soft 4 Pack of 46

Attends Soft 4 Pac..

Attends Soft 4 is a textile shaped pad designed for moderate bladder w..

Price: £ 5.39*
TENA Slip Maxi Large Pack of 24 x 3

TENA Slip Maxi Lar..

Tena Slip is all-in-one protection, where the pad's re-sealable fi..

Price: £ 40.79*
RRP: £ 58.17
YOU SAVE £ 17.38
TRESemme Extra Hold Hairspray 250ml

TRESemme Extra Hol..

Tresemme Extra Hold Hairspray is specially formulated to provide a nat..

Price: £ 2.59*
RRP: £ 2.69
YOU SAVE £ 0.10
Nourkrin Radiance Tablets Pack of 30

Nourkrin Radiance ..

Nourkrin Radiance Tablets are specifically formulated to con..

Price: £ 29.39*
RRP: £ 39.95
YOU SAVE £ 10.56
L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss Ebony Black 200

L'Oreal Casting Cr..

The noammonia crème formula covers greys. It gives your hair al..

Price: £ 6.99*
RRP: £ 7.45
YOU SAVE £ 0.46
Solpadeine Plus Soluble Tablets Pack of 32

Solpadeine Plus So..

Solpadeine Plus Soluble Tablets provide effective pain relief with a c..

Price: £ 4.99*
RRP: £ 5.99
YOU SAVE £ 1.00
Lamberts Chromium Complex Tablets Pack of 60

Lamberts Chromium ..


Price: £ 8.99*
RRP: £ 10.99
YOU SAVE £ 2.00
Efalex Lemon & Lime Liquid 150ml

Efalex Lemon & Lim..

A unique DHA-rich combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil pro..

Price: £ 6.29*
RRP: £ 7.65
YOU SAVE £ 1.36
Impulse Body Spray Musk 75ml

Impulse Body Spray..

** We are unable to ship aerosols outside of the UK ** Impulse Hint o..

Price: £ 2.49*
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6 Preston Old Road, Blackburn, Lancashire